A typical malayali lover chat history

05-Oct-2017 06:57

As with any chat app of Jus Chat’s nature, the frequency of use is directly proportional to the number of friends that use the app.

There are features like group chat which can handle as many as 100 people in a group (which would make it a crowd chat or a forum) and the app itself is quite easy to use, barring a few glitches.

But there are some languages on the list which Android does not support, which is a good differentiator. You’re allotted a total of 1000 characters, and the number of characters you translate are deducted from this quota.

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Most Android phones come with the option of working in a completely different language.

Along with catering to many Indian languages, it also provides exhaustive foreign language support.

However, while Plustxt transliterates, Jus Chat also translates. Like Whatsapp, you can chat with people on your phonebook who also use Jus Chat.

So I would type something in English, and I would use the translation option.

In this option, you enter text and in the text box and the translate box will translate your English sentence to a grammatically correct one in the language of your choice.Calling tech entrepreneurs from Delhi/NCR and Chennai!