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Situated south of the Dead Sea, near the famous Nabataean capital of Petra, the Faynan region in Jordan contains the largest deposits of copper ore in the southern Levant.The Edom Lowlands Regional Archaeology Project (ELRAP) takes an anthropological archaeology approach to the deep-time study of culture change in one of the Old World’s most important locales for studying technological development.However, Mason got to Steiner first, and they watch as he executes him.Following the death of Steiner, Hudson and Weaver interrogate Mason continuously.Hudson realizes that Nikita Dragovich brainwashed Mason to understand the numbers broadcasts, effectively becoming a Soviet sleeper agent. When Woods went missing in Angola, Hudson and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North went to Alaska to get the now retired Alex Mason to go to Angola to save Woods. Hudson said that David, Mason's seven-year-old son, could stay with Jenny, his wife.The duo repeatedly play the numbers sequence to Mason, but to no avail. When in Angola, Mason and Jonas Savimbi, the leader of the UNITA forces, fought on the ground, leading a counter-attack on the now advancing MPLA, while Hudson flew a helicopter, taking down Soviet tanks used by the MPLA.This comprehensive and important volume challenges the current scholarly consensus concerning the emergence and historicity of the Iron Age polity of biblical Edom and some of its neighbors, such as ancient Israel.Excavations and radiometric dating establish a new chronology for Edom, adding almost 500 more years to the Iron Age, including key periods of biblical history when David, Solomon, and the Egyptian pharaoh Shoshenq I are alleged to have interacted with Edom.

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Mason then punched him in the face and knocked him out. was making plans to form a joint task force with British MI6 in order to find and eliminate Mason, Hudson, and Weaver in what they dubbed as Operation Charybdis. The mission was a success; however Jose's son, Raul, escaped. At the end of the battle, Hudson and Mason flew to a barge on a river.

I've got unfinished business with this bastard." Depending on the player's actions, Kravchenko either is interrogated, and says that Menendez has spies in the C. It is unknown who rescued them, but Mason claims that a 73-year-old Viktor Reznov saved them. But in truth, Noriega secretly freed Menendez after his men captured him, though Menendez almost tried to kill Noriega before heading for his sister, Josefina.