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And a lot of thought must have gone into the design of WALL-E, for whom I felt a curious affection.

Consider this hunk of tin beside the Kung Fu Panda.

We meet a Hoverchair family, so known because aboard ship they get around in comfy chairs that hover over surfaces and whisk them about effortlessly. This is not entirely their fault, since generations in the low-gravity world aboard the Axiom have evolved humanity into a race whose members resemble those folks you see whizzing around Wal-Mart in their electric shopping carts.

There is now a plot involving WALL-E, the ship’s captain, several Hover people and the fate of the green living thing.

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WALL-E, however, looks rusty and hard-working and plucky, and expresses his personality with body language and (mostly) with the binocular-like video cameras that serve as his eyes.

All these exciting scenes are waiting for your attention.