Avoid dating

25-Dec-2017 04:01

Feel free to explore my book on dysfunctional relationships, 1. This goes along with having self-esteem, because jerkiness comes almost hand-in-hand with low self esteem. I guess he was used to working with clients who are so used to verbal abuse that they didn't know any better. I got out as quickly as I could (but not before the jerk "got me to trust him" for about a year and a half.) I am SO GRATEFUL that I had the strength to get out.

Have a healthy self-concept and level of self-esteem so that you may recognize when someone is treating you (and/or others) with jerktitude. I shouldn't have to justify it- he had no reason to verbally attack me, but he did.

In other words, when you're in the company of a bona fide jerk, you often have the feeling that you can't quite measure up to him and his lofty standards.

Yet focusing on these criteria bypasses a larger question: Why would anyone want to be with an a-hole?

Too often, people fall into the self-destructive pattern of being seduced by those who are different from themselves, and foolishly set off on a course to try to change them.

Save yourself some misery and potential later feelings of humiliation and self-recriminations: run - don't walk - in the other direction.

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The answer is yes, and the system is simple: call a spade a spade and simply walk away.

It’s a hard truth that dating – even for the most socially skilled of us – involves a fair amount of rejection.

Even when you Burnout is insidious, because it feels natural.

Another destructive pattern that people fall into when they encounter a jerk out in the dating waters is to take the jerk's behavior as a reflection on them. The jerk's behavior is exclusively a reflection on the jerk - that is, until you co-sign on the dating contract and decide to wait for the jerk to come around or to change.

Whether you co-sign because you are inherently a fixer/wannabe-therapist or because you are wounded from earlier rejections, you are headed straight to romantic stagnation if you waste your time consorting with a jerk.I wasn't about to hang around and allow him to negatively affect me any further.

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