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A woman who allegedly crashed a wedding, threw a drink over her boyfriend and punched a woman she had seen him kissing, has been arrested.Shelby Mc Dowell told police she had not been invited to the event at Hammock Beach Parks Resort in Palm Coast, Florida, but had instead gone to spy on her boyfriend Darby Johns.He sexually examines me to see if I have slept with someone and if we have had a nice day he will purposely ruin it by finding something to start an argument over.‘He believes I am seemingly trying to kill him – he thinks I am part of the Mafia.She and Brackenbury – a former forensic science student at Manchester University – met in 2009 and began dating in 2015 and later they moved in together.But in the months before her death, she had struggled to get him to take his medication and confided in her mother, Susan, about his behaviour.A Minnesota woman who accidentally shot and killed her boyfriend in a You Tube stunt gone wrong pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter, prosecutors announced Tuesday.Monalisa Perez, 20, will face up a 180-day sentence that will be served 30 days per year for three years, with the remaining 90 days on house arrest, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

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Last night, on the 8th of October he was up until 5am talking to nobody calling me a liar and trying to keep me awake.

Ruiz put the book to his chest Perez, from one foot away, fired a .50 caliber pistol. "We were doing a You Tube video, and it went wrong," Perez said in a 911 call after the shooting.

Before firing the gun, Perez tweeted a teaser about the video she and Ruiz were going to make.

Natasha Wild, 23, kept details of Lloyd Brackenbury’s paranoia and the sick taunts he made about her sister who was killed in a house fire.

She wrote in the diary – entitled What it is like to live with Lloyd – that he kept her awake at night, calling her a liar and accusing her of having an affair with Jimmy Choo.

"Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. At the time of the shooting, the couple was in the early stages of trying to grow an audience via their You Tube channel, which featured family videos and mild-mannered "stunts," such as eating spicy peppers and riding rollercoasters.

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