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Sir Hilary Synnott, who has died after a short illness, was regarded as one of Britain's greatest public servants and the most experienced of his generation in the affairs of his passion, the Indian subcontinent.

It was entirely in character that he stepped into the breach when the Blair government needed a man to get it out of a mess in another part of the world – Iraq – after the 2003 invasion.

Overall the main Savings Index, which measures sentiment towards saving, rose to 114 points in July from 103 points in June, driven by a surge in those who felt good about the amount they could save.

The Savings Attitude Index, which asks respondents about their saving behaviour and how they feel about the amount they can save, rose to 134 points last month from 103 points in June.

The Savings Environment index has lost nearly 30 percentage points this year, decreasing for five straight months.

It was asked for and given before David Miliband's visit to India as Foreign Secretary in January 2009 but disregarded, and Miliband offended Indians by linking terror attacks such as those in Mumbai to the long-running dispute over Kashmir.

With Tony Blair's assurance that he could telephone him personally at No 10 if he needed anything, he took up a single suitcase, flew overnight to Kuwait, crossed the desert through a sandstorm into Iraq, and found that the "bloody mess" he had been warned about by a colleague was still worse than he had feared.

For his first few days he lived without sheets, soap, or any means of communication.

His conclusion was: "There is no silver bullet." In his final two years he helped the Army by giving talks on Afghan local customs.

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Sir Hilary, whose time as High Commissioner in Pakistan coincided with the 9/11 attacks, had seemed in recent months to be to some extent disillusioned with the Pakistan military, suggesting it had to look inward.The reading of those who felt the government was introducing policies to encourage saving fell to 66.2 in July from 99.7 points in June.