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(The US is one of the most punitive countries in the world.The US incarcerates 25 per cent of all the human beings incarcerated in the world. If you are sexually abused, you cannot escape from your abuser. [Note to Canadian readers: US penalties for crack cocaine offences are enormously greater than for powdered cocaine.] "The disparities are unconscionable between crack and powdered cocaine," Mr. "What they really meant was: People that used crack were more likely to be poor - and, coincidentally, black or brown. Those people that used cocaine were more likely to be rich, pay for it and therefore be peaceful." Mr.

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The Foundation is funded entirely by its members and by contributions from other organizations with an interest in drug policy reform.The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act significantly expands the reach of Canada's drug laws and continues Canada's heavy reliance on a failed policy of criminal prohibition.Parliament -- both the House of Commons and the Senate -- has thus refused to moderate the harshness of the present law, and has in fact expanded the reach of Canada's drug laws .To see the comments made in the Senate when the Bill was given second reading on March 21, 1996, please click here.

Neither the Senate nor the House of Commons reacted to the objections raised about the punitive nature of the Bill.BE IT RESOLVED that the government study and review the legislation on illicit drugs and base its position on the precedents, studies, experience and statistics established in other countries where illicit/illegal drugs are considered as a social health problem rather than as a criminal activity.

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