Convert windows-1256 to utf-8 online dating

13-Dec-2017 14:33

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The language which you want to use may not be on your system.

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The result is that all the text that is used inside Vim will be in this encoding.

The text doesn't change, but it will be displayed wrong.

You can edit files in another encoding than what 'encoding' is set to.

If not, you can often make it work by setting the $LANG environment variable in your shell: setenv LANG ja_JP. To see what is currently used: :language To change the locale inside Vim use: :language ja_JP.

COMPILING If you already have a compiled Vim program, check if the | multi_byte| feature is included. If multi_byte is not included, you should compile Vim with "big" features. If your system has been installed to use the language, it probably works right away.

If something doesn't work you will have to read the rest.

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