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] 7 things to be aware of when you date someone with a Type A personality If you happen to be a fellow Type A, their actions may not be difficult for you to understand, but if not, they may completely baffle you at times.If you’re having trouble dealing with a partner whom you suspect may be Type A, or just want to learn more about these passionate creatures for future reference, keep reading below for more information on the motivations and preferences of society’s biggest go-getters.At home, as well as on the job, Type A individuals want to do everything “right,” and they want to get it done as fast as possible.Some may have systematic ways of organizing things or accomplishing tasks *color-coded closets, anyone?

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When we consider our childhood friends from Winnie-the-Pooh, a Type A person is definitely more of a Rabbit than a Winnie. Type B individuals are normally quite relaxed, peaceful, and slow-moving, letting things happen instead of making them happen like their Type A counterparts do.Try to listen politely to their concerns without laughing or dismissing them outright.