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23-Aug-2017 04:40

While Irrfan’s brand of unkempt, tumble-locked sexiness comes through strongly precisely because he doesn’t try too hard, this film’s beating heart is Parvathy.

A light-hearted traipse through loves lost and lives interrupted, Qarib Qarib Singlle is an elegantly crafted, languidly paced film that puts a delightfully off-kilter, mellow spin on the conventions of the rom-com, says NDTV Movies.

The beauty of Bad Moms was that it catered to an audience that Hollywood often leaves behind, and its success only highlighted the viability of women-centric stories.

The good news is movie studios are apparently getting the message — except that they’re rushing out uninspired facsimiles.

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The sequel never quite captures the disarming hilarity of the original, says The Washington Post.The first half sails smoothly but you wish the film ended soon courtesy its repetitive narration.