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25-Nov-2017 07:10

If Pisces is off enjoying her solitude, she might not even notice his absence. She wants to please her Libra lover and he'll let her experiment until her heart's content.

Libra adores his mystical Pisces, even though he doesn't understand her. Pisces turns lovemaking into a mystical sensual experience.

Afterall, seeking and maintaining harmony are his mandates in life.

Libra men have a difficult time making decisions so Pisces must take the lead on which telephone service provider to use or what to name the new baby.

Libra is congenial and inclined to be polite and nice to anyone he meets.

His artist's spirit appeals to Pisces since she's very creative.

The strength of her love can encourage him to test new waters and explore inner worlds.

She can carry him to depths that he never knew existed and discover new spiritual realms.

Pisces can help Libra understand that it's okay to express his emotions.

On a positive side, Libra is exciting and full of energy. This attracts Pisces and she'll keep up with him until the lure of still waters beckons her to escape into her dreamworld - alone.