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An Anglo-Saxon family would often place a low wall of wood, or even a hedge around the house, rootcellar, barn, and other buildings of a homestead.Such an arrangement would be a worig or, in modern English, a 'worthy'.Based on the fact, pointed out by Edward Dawson under the East Engle entry, that the Angles, Saxons and Franks all used the 'ch' pronunciation of the letter 'c', he suggests a possible link between Icel and the British tribe of the Iceni.The first Angles to arrive in Britain appear to have settled in the territory of the Iceni (East Anglia).

It is possible that the latter move into the Peak District as a client unit of the Iclinga.

One theory for why they end up in the East Midlands is that they are forced to migrate by the growing power of the Wuffingas, who subsequently form the East Engle kingdom.