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To a person they rhapsodize about how wonderful she is and how much they will miss her when she retires.

They particularly love her soothing voice and how respectful she is of her guests. After John died, Diane was faced with the reality of a new normal -- in both mundane and profound ways. She was living for one but still thinking about two.

The day John died is the day she started writing this book.

And in the year that followed, Diane zeroed in on two causes that she would devote herself to: Compassion & Choices and Us Against Alzheimer's.

This was easier said than done given Maryland's laws.

John asked for his doctor's help, but the doctor refused. Distraught and exhausted, Diane returned to her eponymous NPR program with a heavy heart, at the same time grateful for the continuity and the support from her listeners across the country.

When it was clear that he would never again be able to do the most basic personal care, he told Diane that it was time -- he wanted to leave this world. Both of John's parents had committed suicide, and John and Diane had discussed the issue over the years.

They had pledged that when either no longer wanted to live, they would help each other end their respective lives.

Nine years later, he passed away, having made the difficult choice to end his extended illness by refusing to eat, drink, or accept medication.C.—distributed by NPR—from 1979 to 2016, when it had a weekly listening audience of two and a half million. The aides at Brighton Gardens were instructed to stop bringing medications, menus, or water.His decision to die came after a long and difficult conversation the day before with Dr.And now he was making the ultimate decision, and having it thwarted. Fried explained that the only alternative John had, if he truly wished to die, was to stop eating, drinking fluids, or taking medications.

In other words, he could bring his life to an end through those means, but no one could do it for him. Fried added that he hoped John would not make the decision to end his life, but that, if he did so, as his physician he would honor it.My husband had moved into assisted living at Brighton Gardens in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in November 2012, because he could no longer stand or walk without falling, or care for himself without assistance.

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