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01-Dec-2017 06:49

It’s equally important to learn how to KEEP your members in your site.

When I first launched Blog Mastermind I had no idea how long the program would go for.

You’re probably thinking how can a membership site be such a stable income source if your members only stay members for three months?

That’s a good question and in fact dealing with your attrition (people leaving your site) is one of the greatest challenges that membership site owners face.

I say the same things about membership sites that other people do; they are the best online business model I know of.

The difference of course, is that I own two membership sites and have conducted many different types of membership site launches.

That way, you are generating ,000 a month, which for most people is an incredible amount of money.

This was important to me because Andrew and Daryl didn’t use a launch strategy, so I was in a way combining their membership model with what I had learned from people like Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern and Stomper Net about launching products online. Nothing too dramatic, but it was certainly a let down after the euphoria of launch week.

Over the next few months it became clear that my attrition rate would be a problem and I was not happy with how many people left the program prematurely.

Andrew and Daryl suggest aiming for 1,000 members and charging around the mark.

Many people who write in the online marketing space jump on the bandwagon and talk about the benefits of owning some kind of subscription based income stream.

They point out the obvious, such as recursive income, the stability and significant money that can be made with only a few members.I was modeling Andrew and Daryl Grant’s e-book membership site model, which had no specific end date, although I know that their members stay as long as 12 months, well above the industry average of three months.