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But Jews were not the only group singled out for persecution by Hitler's Nazi regime.

The wrong comment overheard by a Nazi official could have very serious consequences.

In December 1939 Eichmann was transferred to Amt IV dealing with Jewish affairs and evacuation, and for the next six years Adolf Eichmann's office was the headquarter for the implementation of the 'Final Solution'; But only in Budapest after March 1944 did the desk-murderer Adolf Eichmann become a public personality, working in the open and playing a leading role in the massacre of Hungarian Jewry.

In August 1944 the "Master of Death" could report to Himmler that approximately four million Jews had died in the death camps and that another two million had been killed by mobile extermination units.

Once arrested, they were sent to the nearest police cell.

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Those in custody were told to sign Form D-11; this was an “Order For Protective Custody”. Those who did not sign it were beaten until they did or officers simply forged their signature.This list was given to the Gestapo – the Secret Police. Its leader – Reinhard Heydrich – was one of the most feared man in Nazi Germany. Both men ran their respective branches with ruthless efficiency.