Jewish adult dating

05-Dec-2017 23:33

I crave a partner who is equally strong, and I haven’t found that in Jewish men of my age. Am I likely to have children with a Jewish partner?

My healthiest long-term relationships have been with recovering Catholics and practicing Unitarians. No.” It’s exciting “It’s more important to me that our politics and attitudes toward relationships are aligned.

And isn’t that—respect, a willingness to learn, an openness to faith—really what we, as Jews, want in our partners?

” Lived it “I’ve lived with two non-Jewish partners, and those were the most observant times in my life. In contrast, I was once engaged to a Chabad woman whose father cut it off because I wouldn’t become observant enough. We’re all so many things and can connect with others on so many different planes that it’s hard for me to say dating Jews or non-Jews has had any unique effect.

I say all of this as the child of an interfaith marriage.” Dissolving into gray “It’s likely that I will be with someone Jewish, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Some people could understand me—could understand my struggles, my joys, my questions—without being Jewish, but there’s a better chance if they are Jewish.

In fact, I find it exciting to date people who have different cultural backgrounds.

I just feel like a woman of color would be more likely to understand me.

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Saying that love is not legitimate unless it is with a Jew felt the same as saying love is not legitimate unless between a man and a woman. I also know very active Jewish people from intermarried families, so ‘keeping the kids Jewish’ is not a convincing reason to date only Jews.

But by virtue of my chosen career, I am not allowed to date a non-Jew.Man, woman, tall, short, Jewish, Muslim, those are labels that aren’t helpful to me.