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Urban himself canonized Elizabeth of Portugal, 25 May, 1625; and Andrew Corsini, 22 April, 1629.

He beatified : He reserved the beatification of saints to the Holy See and in a Bull, dated 30 October, 1625, forbade the representation with the halo of sanctity of persons not beatified or canonized, the placing of lamps, tablets, etc., before their sepulchres, and the printing of their alleged miracles or revelations. A book of poems, written by him before he became pope, was published during his pontificate under the title: "Maphei Cardinalis Barberini poemata" (Rome, 1637).

The Jesuitesses, founded by the Englishwoman Mary Ward in 1609, he suppressed in 1631 for insubordination. Three days after his coronation he created Francesco Barberini, his nephew, cardinal ; in 1627 he made him librarian of the Vatican ; and in 1632 vice-chancellor. He built the large Barberini Palace and founded the famous Barberini Library which was acquired and made part of the Vatican Library by Leo XIII in 1902.

Urban's nephew, Antonio Barberini, the Younger, was created cardinal in 1627, became camerlengo in 1638, then commander-in-chief of the papal troops.

In a later Bull, dated 13 September, 1642, he reduced the number of holy days of obligation to thirty-four, besides Sundays. In 1629 he appointed a committee for the reform of the Breviary.

Urban introduced many new offices into the Breviary. Elizabeth and wrote the hymns, as they are in the Breviary, for the feasts of St. Their incomplete and often ill-advised corrections were approved by Urban, 19 September, 1631, and embodied in the official edition of the Roman Breviary which was issued the following year (see BREVIARY -- Reforms of the Breviary ).

He lived with his uncle, Francesco Barberini, who was then prothonotary Apostolic, and was educated at the Collegio Romano under the direction of the Jesuits.

On 19 July, 1623, fifty-five cardinals entered conclave to elect a successor to Gregory XV ; on 6 August Cardinal Maffeo Barberini received fifty votes. Being attacked by the fever which was raging in Rome, he was obliged to postpone his coronation until 29 September.Three years later Urban sent Gregorio Panzani to England.

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