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The property consist of:3 bedrooms2 bathrooms1 extra toilet downstairs Modern kitchen with highspec appliances Open plan lounging and dining Low maintenance courtyard Single garage with extra carpark Located on Auckland's beautiful Pohutukawa Coast, Pine Harbour is an oasis away from the city, only 35 minutes by ferry from Auckland's CBD and 20 minutes from Botany Town Centre.Please feel free to drive by the property first to view from the roadside but please do NOT enter the grounds of the property. Agency reference #: PMR25926 Rateable value (RV) information The rateable value (RV) of a property is the value set by councils and local authorities for the purpose of charging rates.Dating in Sandpoint is not exactly a walk in the park.It can be challenging for Sandpoint singles looking for a more meaningful relationships that last. We use a scientific matching system that leverages 29 DIMENSIONS® based on features of compatibility found in thousands of successful relationships – Sandpoint dating has never been more real.Isn’t there anyone to flirt with in metro Detroit?!? We chat, quietly, for a few minutes, and as I get up to leave (I’m actually late for class, but who cares? Today is Sunday, a day I typically spend at home writing, so there’s little chance of me meeting a guy today. I could get his number, but there’s a pot of soup waiting to simmer at home, which is why I needed these tomatoes to begin with. It’s not easy to flirt with and approach strangers!), I ask for his number, which he produces quickly. I do make a trip to the grocery store for diced tomatoes and notice a different cutie from the one I saw at this same store earlier in the week. The cashier is also cute, though a little young, and so is one of the guys in the parking lot, loading two lonely bags of groceries into his car. The second is that there really are guys out there to approach, even if you don’t have an active social life, even if you are a big chicken (like me).With a well-written dating profile, you can attract the kind of women you'd be proud to take out for dinner and a movie.

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But then I remembered I had to do a week of organic dating, and realized I'm a total chicken. It's the flip side of the online dating coin: approaching men I see out and about, rather than waiting for THEM to approach ME. It's nerve-wracking, and to be honest, I faced the week with dread. By the way, surrendering my maps of Russia to the guy’s little boy means I don’t have them to study for my Geography exam, but it was worth it to keep the little boy still for five minutes, trust me. Time to replace the maps of Russia and check the room for potential victims… The ratio of guys to girls works in my favor in this class, and a number of them are uber-cute, but I have a big problem with approaching any of them because there are still so many weeks left in the semester. there are bound to be loads of men there, men I can flirt with and chat up. I arrived to shoot the event, scoped out a total cutie, and then was hijacked by someone else. The cutie left, and I left not long after, disappointed. There was one guy, but he had a baby in a car seat with him, along with a pre-school aged boy child who seemed to enjoy nothing more than tossing magazines about.