Tv couples dating in real life

23-Jul-2017 16:33

In reality, the two got married back in August 1995, long before they played exes on TV.Poor rat-smashing, spaghetti-bag-eating Charlie Kelly (played by Charlie Day) on "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is in love with The Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), who hates him and has sex with everyone he knows instead.Television stars spend so much time together onscreen that it's easy to keep the romance rolling when the cameras stop. Their age difference is almost too much for me onscreen.

Offerman and Mullally play crazy exes Ron and Tammy on "Parks and Recreation," where Ron often describes Tammy as a "serious b**ch" whom he hates with a passion.

Offscreen, Hannigan and Denisof fell in love and got hitched in October 2003.

On "Mad Men," Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery) is a notorious womanizer, even while married to Mona (played by Talia Balsam).

But in real life, the couple has been married since September 2003.

On "The Office," Nancy Walls played Carol Stills, the woman who reluctantly dated and then broke up with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) after he gave her a creepy Christmas card with his head superimposed on her ex-husband's body.The most important building block to any great on-screen couple is chemistry, that certain intangible energy between two people that makes us, the viewer, get lost in the moment and wrapped up in their storyline.