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This changes history, causing the future Twin Pines Mall to be named Lone Pine Mall instead.Many of you probably know that already, but did you catch the other joke that happens on the ranch? Both characters are references to the time traveling duo Mr.When asked about it, they said they just wanted to see if anything happened.• Doc’s time machine is a US DMC-12 model, which can achieve 0-60 mph in 8.8 seconds.• Watch the walls: collected newspaper clippings reveal that Emmett Brown’s family mansion burned down on August 1, 1962. • John Lithgow was offered the role of Doc Brown but turned it down.This led to Doc selling his estate and moving into the separate garage unit. Christopher Lloyd initially turned it down as well, but reconsidered when his wife insisted it would be a good role.

• Doc’s amplifier (which informs us that Marty visits often and Doc encourages his music) has a gauge that reads “CRM114.” This is a direct reference to the CRM-114 Discriminator from Stanley Kubrick’s film , as well as other areas of pop culture.

• The initial script for has Emmet Brown build a “time ray,” which transmits a person through time if they’re inside a “time chamber” and are zapped.

In the original script, Brown (called “Prof” rather than “Doc”) attempts to send Marty home by building a makeshift time chamber out of a lead-lined refrigerator and placing it on a nuclear testing site so that the atomic blast charges its time circuits, hurling the teenager back into the future.

• In this movie, the De Lorean is always covered in ice when it emerges from a time trip, at least until the film’s end.

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The idea was that, for just a moment, it traveled through a vacuum during its journeys (which shouldn’t really cause it to freeze instantly, but people often make that assumption).

Since the effect became too difficult, Bob Gale decided that Doc’s later updates, including the highly efficient Mr.